River City Mushrooms began in 2017 as an exploration of mushroom cultivation in Winnipeg, Manitoba and has since evolved into a passion project focused on creating awareness and appreciation for fungi and all their talents to nourish and heal both natural and human environments.

Tom Nagy, owner / operator of River City Mushrooms, strives to provide Winnipeg and Manitoba with locally produced, seasonal harvests of high quality specialty mushrooms along with the raw materials and knowledge necessary to cultivate delicious, gourmet mushrooms right at home.

Fungi are versatile and highly adaptable creatures that have the potential to provide us with fresh, locally grown mushrooms all the while increasing biodiversity and breaking down organic materials to create and nourish healthy soils.

By harnessing the skills and techniques used to cultivate fungi, they can be used as a conduit with which to help create ecologically resilient and sustainable communities through the production of nutrient dense foods and powerful natural medicines.

Programs & Workshops

There are currently no programs scheduled for the remainder of 2019. Stay tuned over the winter for when the spring and summer schedule of 2020 is finalized. Lots of exciting hands on workshops are currently in development.

Interested in mushroom cultivation but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. If you would like to learn more, enroll in one of the available programs by clicking on the links above.

Join countless others who have gained first hand experience through informative, hands-on outdoor cultivation workshops or engaging indoor courses at community classrooms, public gardens and festivals promoting sustainability and agriculture in Winnipeg, Manitoba and beyond. These programs are designed to cover all of the skills and techniques necessary to begin understanding and nurturing fungi.

Discussion topics include the life cycle and ecological functions of fungi through to species identification, growing substrate formulations, pasteurization and sterilizing protocols, grain and sawdust spawn production, harvesting methods, propagation techniques and much more.

Mushroom Spawn

Notice: mushroom spawn orders are currently full.

Production will resume in late June or early July 2019. If you are still interested and would like to order, please contact us to be placed on a waiting list for later this season. Thank you for your interest in supporting grassroots mycology!

Thinking about starting to grow your own mushrooms? We’ve got you covered with quality mushroom spawn that’s produced on a small scale right in Winnipeg, Manitoba using locally grown certified organic rye grain, hardwood sawdust and carefully curated mushroom cultures sourced from throughout North America.

Please visit the Mushroom Spawn page for a comprehensive list of what species, strains and varieties are currently available. Unsure of what mushroom spawn is and how to use it? We’ve taken the liberty of writing up a basic introduction to mushroom spawn including what it’s made of, how it is produced, how to store it, and most importantly how to use it correctly to ensure success.