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River City Mushrooms is a small business and passion project based in Winnipeg, Manitoba that strives to provide locally produced, seasonal harvests of high quality specialty mushrooms along with the materials and knowledge necessary for individuals to cultivate their own delicious, gourmet mushrooms right at home.

By learning the skills and techniques used to cultivate fungi, these versatile and highly adaptable decomposers can be used as a conduit with which to help create ecologically resilient and sustainable communities. Mushrooms have the capacity to provide us with nutrition and medicine while also breaking down and liberating the components of organic materials to create healthy soils.

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Please fill out and submit the form below if you would like to order mushroom spawn or ‘ready-to-grow’ kits. Make sure that you include the species or strain you would like to grow, the size (1 lb. or 5 lbs.), the type of spawn (grain or sawdust based) or whether you would like spawn or a grow kit. If you have any additional questions, please write to us using the form on the Contact Page.

Thank you for your interest and support of grassroots mycology

Programs & Workshops

There are currently no programs scheduled
for the remainder of 2019

Stay tuned over the winter months for when the spring and summer schedule for 2020 is finalized and posted below. Many new programs are currently in development including hardwood log inoculation workshops with perennial shiitake and oyster mushroom varieties.

River City Mushrooms delivers interactive workshops demonstrating the skills and techniques necessary for small scale mushroom cultivation in collaboration with organizations across the city of Winnipeg and beyond. A list of upcoming public programs is updated regularly and can be viewed below.

Join countless others who have gained first hand experience through informative, hands-on outdoor cultivation workshops or engaging indoor courses at community classrooms, public gardens and festivals promoting sustainability and agriculture. These programs are designed to cover all of the skills and techniques necessary to begin understanding and nurturing fungi.

Discussion topics include the life cycle and ecological functions of fungi through to species identification, growing substrate formulations, pasteurization and sterilizing techniques, producing and working with grain and sawdust spawn, harvesting methods, propagation techniques and much more.

Mushroom Spawn & Grow Kits

Thinking about starting to grow your own mushrooms? River City Mushrooms produces small batches of fresh, high quality mushroom spawn and ‘ready to grow’ fruiting blocks right here in Winnipeg using locally grown certified organic rye grain, sustainably sourced hardwood sawdust and mushroom cultures from across North America.

Now Accepting Spawn & Grow Kit Orders For Spring 2020! Order Here