River City Mushrooms began in 2017 as an exploration of mushroom cultivation in central Canada and has since evolved into a creative project dedicated to encouraging an appreciation for fungi and all their talents to nourish and heal.

Partnering with local organizations and businesses, River City Mushrooms strives to provide Winnipeg and Manitoba with home grown harvests of high quality specialty mushrooms along with the materials and knowledge necessary to succeed.

By harnessing the skills and methods used to cultivate gourmet and medicinal mushrooms, fungi can be used as a conduit with which to help create ecologically resilient and sustainable communities through locally sourced food and medicine.

Programs & Workshops

Interested in mushroom cultivation but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. Growing mushrooms is not any more difficult or complex than growing fruits and vegetables in your back (or front) yard and is often just as rewarding.

Mushrooms are not only highly specialized and adaptable creatures but have the potential to provide us all with local, seasonal foods that are packed with protein, flavor, potent natural medicines and valuable nutrients all the while recycling and breaking down organic materials to create and nourish healthy soils.

If you would like to learn how to begin cultivating your own home grown mushrooms, check out the list of upcoming programs on this and every page for local indoor classes and hands-on workshops at community classrooms, gardens and festivals in Winnipeg and beyond.

These programs are designed to cover all of the skills and techniques necessary to begin understanding and nurturing fungi. Discussion topics include the life cycles and ecological functions of fungi through to species identification, substrate formulations, pasteurizing and sterilizing techniques, grain and sawdust spawn production and harvesting and propagation methods.

Mushroom Spawn

Thinking about starting to grow your own mushrooms? Look no further. We’ve got you covered with quality mushroom spawn that’s produced on a super small scale right here in Winnipeg from locally grown certified organic wheat grain and hardwood sawdust. Please visit the Product page for a comprehensive list of what species, strains and varieties are currently available.

Unsure what mushroom spawn is and how to use it? We’ve got you covered. Over on the Products page I’ve taken the liberty of writing up a basic introduction to mushroom spawn including what it’s made of, how it is produced, how to store it and most importantly, how to use it correctly to ensure success.

For seasonal mushroom growers producing modest amounts, grain or sawdust spawn is your best choice for inoculating large volumes of substrate quickly and harvesting beautiful, delicious mushrooms from early spring through to late autumn. There’s also the potential to grow mushrooms indoors regardless of the season, but that’s another story for another time..