Easy-Pleasy Fermented Pickles

3 days ago I made a spur of the moment decision, around 9 o’clock in the evening, to try my hand at making some fermented pickles. The idea has been swirling around my mind for quite a while, and I realized that there is no better time to start doing something then right now in the present moment. So, following my own advice (which is something that I desperately need to do more often) I decided to go for it and give it a shot.

I thought that it was going to take me hours, as I have pretty much no experience canning (until I initiated this experiment of course) but have read about it and heard others praise it for a long while. In the process, I realized rather quickly that is was simpler than I ever could have imagined. I quickly looked up a basic recipe which you can view right here although I modified it heavily. I treated it more as a guideline and collection of suggestions (which I suppose is a plausible definition of a recipe, no?) than an actual step-by-step procedure, mainly because I had different sized jars and a varied range of ingredients that I wanted to experiment with.

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