Mushroom Cultivation Courses

For the past several years I have become thoroughly infatuated with the science behind cultivating mushrooms. After many seasons of research, experimentation, and field testing I am very pleased to be able to share with you the joy of how you can grow and harvest bountiful crops of delicious gourmet and highly medicinal fungi right at home.

This practice, although by no means widespread (as of yet), has none-the-less produced an extraordinarily passionate worldwide community that all share a contagious enthusiasm for mushroom cultivation. Together, each member of this interconnected community shares experiences and techniques with one another so as to further expand and contribute to this constantly evolving field.

Mushroom growing is a surprisingly straight forward process that isn’t any more difficult than vegetable gardening. However, a basic understanding of fungi is essential in order to grasp the nature of the organisms that you are cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship with. These topics and more will be covered in my Introductory Mushroom Growing course, which is aimed to prepare you for a basic understanding of fungi and identify some simple cultivation methods that require minimal equipment and resources.

These indoor, slideshow oriented workshops will cover the following material:

  • Brief introduction to the fungal kingdom including basic anatomy, evolutionary history, reproductive cycles, and ecological niches
  • The unique types, physical attributes and physiological characteristics of fungi
  • Explanation of terminology specific to the cultivation of fungi
  • In depth overview of the life cycle, growth parameters, substrate preferences, habitat requirements and available varieties of oyster (Pleurotus spp.) and wine cap (Stropharia rugosoannulata) mushrooms
  • Question & Answer period followed by open discussion

An electronic PDF copy of the slideshow presentation material will be made available to those in attendance via an e-mail sign up sheet that will be circulated throughout the group during the presentation. Links to written and electronic resources and videos will be included should you be interested in investigating mushroom cultivation further. Many of these same sources can be found and accessed any time by visiting the Resource Page.

If you would like even more information regarding the topics that will be covered in this program or have any suggestions that you would like to make, please get in touch with me through the form on the Contact Page.