New ‘Plant of the Week’ Series

From time to time during my frequent research binges I will stumble upon a plant that really sticks out from all the others, at which point I then compulsively attempt to learn as much about it as I can. After safely and securely storing that information away, deep within the recesses of my mind palace, I’ll hopefully be able to recall it at a certain point in the future when it is perhaps more relevant for me to think about. Trust me, this happens way more often then you think it does.

As a result of my eagerness and knowledge hoarding tendencies, it occurred to me recently that it would be in my best interest, as well as everyone else’s, if I were to document these particularly interesting species as I encounter them and make this information available for the general public so that we can all learn, experiment and learn together. It would also serve a dual function of allowing me to keep track of all the new and wonderful plants that I come across.

Based on this idea (which has actually been in my head for quite a long time but only decided to manifest itself into a tangible form for some reason today) I would like to introduce you to my Plant of the Week series. Starting next week (February 17th 2017) and continuing every week, usually on Mondays, I will release an article that will briefly introduce a particularly fascinating and/or useful plant that I consider deserving of some space in your mind.


This should go without saying, that of course I am not implying that every species that doesn’t make my list is undeserving of any sort of respect or acknowledgement. I do however tend to concentrate on learning about and advocating for the appreciation of the hundreds if not thousands of temperate plants that we can forge direct and mutually beneficial relationships with in a feral or integrated agricultural environment. After all, nature isn’t just something for us to admire but is something that we need and are dependent on it.

I believe that biological diversity is not only the key for ensuring resiliency within ecosystems but also for ensuring the integrity and continued prosperity of human culture. Based on this significant and straight-forward ideology, I hope that you’ll tune in over the next indefinite amount of time as I introduce you so some of my favorite edible, medicinal and otherwise useful plants that I come across originating from all over the world. Do you have your own favorite plants? Let me know and maybe I’ll feature them in one of my weekly posts.

Photos: Juneberries (Amelanchier arborea) in early July of 2015 planted along a boulevard in Hamilton, ON.