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This one is pretty small (11x7cm) and simple. I have to admit that when I was making it I also completed several other artworks that same evening and didn’t give this one as much thought as it deserved; equal to that of the others. I was being unfair with my art. However, I have given it some further review* and consideration and have decided that it’s pretty good.

* I also feel that I must take this opportunity to comment on my frequent use of QR codes. I kind of have a ridiculous obsession with them. To me, they are the climax of abstraction: totally nonsensical pixel barf. We have successfully created a language of sorts that can only be spoken and understood with the use of technology. Without a functioning phone or other device that can decipher these codes, their meaning is unknown. It’s a weird thing, but very representative of the nature of our societies.

I find it additionally interesting that we tolerate QR codes infiltrating our public, and increasingly, private space. These damn things are all over the place. That’s why I am able to find so many in magazines. Almost every ad has this little black and white gibberish square in the corner somewhere or sometimes right up front and center. Don’t try and convince me that it wasn’t possible to design QR codes to look a little more appealing. They look like my TV screen when I was playing original Nintendo and someone kicked the console. But I shouldn’t say stuff like that, because I find them appealing because they’re so indescribable and quite important for accurately defining and addressing the digital culture that we are continuing to cultivate.